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Opportunity for You, Me, and Tennessee

Education Crossroads is a unique report that looks at economic prosperity and the positive impact education has on family, society and quality of life. The collaborative report looks at how individuals have the power to influence the future through investing in education as students, individuals, parents and community members. Read more about the book.

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  1. Future. The changing economic environment.
  2. Foundation. Tennessee's assets.
  3. Prosperity. Strengthening our economic prosperity.
  4. Family. At our very core.
  5. Citizenship. Spillovers to society.
  6. Public Sector. Pieces of the fiscal puzzle.

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A project for the public, funded by the Comptroller of the Treasury, State of Tennessee. Prepared by Center for Business and Economic Research, The University of Tennessee. December, 2007.

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* How many reasons to care? Every single person living in Tennessee = (at least) one reason to care about education.
* Census Bureau estimates for 2006

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