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Opportunity for You, Me, and Tennessee

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Public Education Quality
Grades given for the overall quality of K-12 public education in Tennessee
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Reallocated Funds
Most business would spend more on K-12 education if they were able to reallocate the state budget
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Workforce Challenge
Expectations regarding the challenge of finding qualified workers in Tenneessee over the next 10 years
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A bachelor's degree means higher earnings
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Color-coded map of Tennessee, based on student expenditures per count
Current expenditures per student
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Bar chart of high school completion percentage compared to other states

High school completion percentage comparison
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Bar chart of salary based on education

Wage and salary income by educational attainment
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Infant mortality rate
Infant mortality rate by maternal educational attainment
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Insurance and educational attainment
Private insurance and educational attainment
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Graduation Rates
Independent graduation rate calculations for 2002-2003
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This is flash animation that rotates the Education Crossroads quick facts located on the back cover of the book.